Biology 207

Biol 207 is an upper division course in Genetics required for all biology majors. There are three one hour lectures and one one hour recitation a week. The course covers classical, molecular and population/evolutionary genetics.

The objectives of the course are to give students a theoretical and practical overview of 1) how traits are inherited (Mendelian genetics), 2) the nature of the genetic material (DNA), 3) how the genetic material is faithfully transmitted from one generation to the next (DNA replication and mutation), 4) how the genome determines the phenotype (gene expression and regulation) and, finally, 5) how genomes can evolve (population genetics).

The complete version of all of the online materails has been moved to the WebCT server on campus, Biol207 (WebCT). A subset of the material is available here, for the newsgroup, online quizzes, grades, etc. you need to go to the WebCT version of the site and login.

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